How long do I have to claim my Fuel Prepaid Card?

You must successfully claim your Fuel pre-paid gift Card by 30.06.21. Should you incur a problem claiming your Fuel pre-paid gift Card on this site please send your query to; hello@protyrefuelpromotion.co.uk and the Fuel Card team will respond to you within 3 working days.

How long do I have to use my Fuel Gift Card?

Your Fuel pre-paid gift Card will be valid for use at any UK Fuel Station for 24 months from the date you receive it in the post.

What if I misplace the Fuel Gift Card I successfully claim?

You will not be entitled to a replacement card, so please keep it safe prior to using it.

I haven’t received my reward claim code or have lost the reward claim code emailed to me by Protyre.

Please contact customerrelations@protyre.co.uk and request that your claim code be re-sent to you.

How do I activate my Fuel Prepaid Card upon receipt?

Instructions will be provided on the letter your Fuel Prepaid Card will be attached to. This will come from Prepaid Financial Services our card provider partner for this promotion.

My Fuel Prepaid Card was not accepted when I attempted to use it a UK Fuel Station.

Your Fuel Prepaid Card will not work if you attempt to use it as a part payment for your fuel. It can only be used to purchase a maximum of £15 of fuel in a single transaction.

If you make an initial purchase of £5 of fuel using your card then you will be able to make another purchase up to the value of £10 next time.


What do I do with my Fuel Prepaid Card once I have used the £15 on it?

The card is of no further use to you, so simply cut it up and discard it.

Do any fees / charges apply to the Fuel Prepaid Card?

The Fuel Prepaid card provided by our partner Prepaid Financial Services are not attached to any fees whatsoever. It is a prepaid card that is loaded with £15 to spend, the card will be valid for 2 years from the date you receive it. Once you’ve used the card you can simply dispose of it, no charges will apply, no charges for not using it will apply.